XanderLyn Appointments: How to book


With all this new fangled technology, booking your beauty appointments can sometimes be a little tricky.  (I mean, what app do we have download now?!) That’s why the team at XanderLyn Hair Salon and Beauty Lounge has kept booking appointments as easily as possible. You don’t even have to call us.  (Hey – we don’t take it personal. We know you actually don’t like talking on the phone.)  

Here are the simplest steps to book your appointment with us: 

1. Log on to our website https://www.xanderlyn.com

2. Click on “Team” in the top right corner  (or follow this link – https://www.xanderlyn.com/#team)

3. Find your stylist’s name and photo

4. Text them  (or make that phone call.) 

Voila! You now have at appointment at the coolest hair salon in Scottsdale.  (And no, we are not even a little bit bias.)

We can’t wait to see you! 

Until next time, have a beautiful day!

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