Who is XanderLyn

The entire team at XanderLyn Hair Salon and Beauty Lounge wants to make sure you, our readers and clients, understand exactly who we are.  As the old saying goes, “You get what you see,” so we try to be as transparent as possible!

By Definition 

XanderLyn, owned by Gaby Miley, is a high energy, full service hair salon and beauty lounge located in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale.  The name ‘XanderLyn” is derived from the names of Gaby’s children, Alexander and Madeline. This portrays Gaby’s deep commitment to creating and supporting a family environment at XanderLyn, one which is has set new industry standards.

The Beginning…

Gaby’s modern beliefs on hair salon operations surpassed most traditional viewpoints. For example, she believed that hair stylists should have the freedom to work any day they desire – even Sunday or Monday when most salons were closed, and have the opportunity to service clients at any time they choose, not only from 9am – 5pm.  So Gaby set out to open a small salon for her devoted clientele. As an industry renowned leader, respected colleagues  immediately realized Gaby was starting something exceptional.  By maintaining her ideology and following her passions, coupled with her extensive expertise, it was believed that Gaby would quickly conquer the beauty industry. At first, the idea turned reality was a five-chair salon in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale.  By creating a chic yet welcoming environment and employing an exclusive team of beauty influencers, the demand for XanderLyn quickly increased. To meet the requests of consumers, the salon moved (a few doors down) to a larger location, now offering 14 hair stations and a beauty treatment room.  The original 5-chair salon was renovated into the XanderLyn Beauty Lounge.

The Xamily

At our Scottsdale salon, we are committed to employing an elite team of beauty image artists that are industry leaders as well as genuine advocates of living life to the fullest. The XanderLyn family, aka the “xamily” currently consists of 12 beauty image artists that have unique and advanced training.  Our staff culture truly upholds the science of beauty, adheres to creativity and innovation, and support collaboration, all while ensuring each client feels at home. Because of our passionate and highly artistic staff, we are a beauty destination that can be your one stop shop.  Cuts, color, extensions, styles, and texture – we masterfully do it all!  In addition to hair care, XanderLyn Beauty Lounge is a leader in skincare and beauty.  Facials and skin treatments, makeup application, beauty and medical procedures, as well as Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) and Spiritual Reconstruction (SPR) are amongst our menu items at the Scottsdale Beauty Lounge!

A Little More About Us

With a chic yet welcoming environment and an exclusive team of beauty influencers, XanderLyn is the premier Scottsdale hair salon and beauty lounge where everyone knows your name, and chit chat and laughter are always in the air. To maintain the highest industry standards, XanderLyn only employs beauty image artists that have advanced education and unique experiences, and a commitment to further their artistic training.  From cuts to color, extensions, texture and styles, the team at XanderLyn Salon will help you feel amazing in your own skin. At XanderLyn, we use professional products that are safe, responsibly sourced and scientifically proven to work.

Now that you know who we are, we want to know more about you! To book your appointment with any of our Scottsdale hairstylists and beauty artists, contact us at  480-765-0780.

Until next time, have a beautiful day!

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