XanderLyn Named Keune West Coast Academy

The entire team at XanderLyn is thrilled to announce we are THE West Coast Academy for Keune education!

The mission of Scottsdale salon, XanderLyn is to create and maintain a culture that upholds the science of beauty, adhere to creativity and innovation, and support collaboration, all while ensuring each client feels at home and part of the Xanderlyn Family, aka the “xamily.”  Working with international powerhouse Keune is an amazing and natural fit!

More About Keune Education

When a young pharmacist in Amsterdam named Jan Keune bottled his first product in 1922, he put his name on it—and his heart and soul in it. That same creative passion lives on at Keune today, nearly a century later. As a family-owned and -operated company, they are hands on in every decision made.

In addition to the professional and retail hair color, styling and care products Keune manufactures for 70 countries around the world, the attention to detail shows in the Keune Education programs. The Keune team, comprised of highly qualified educators, provides compelling hair color, design, finishing and business programs for stylists at every level through the focused Academy curriculum, satellite academies, training events and show performances. Education is and always will be the key to success at Keune.

Founded in 2011, Keune Advanced Academy is located in a 6,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility in Atlanta, Georgia that hosts more than 50 beginner to advanced programs and special events each year. Additionally, Keune Academy hosts educational events where industry leaders and local salons are invited to share experiences with stylists. It also serves as the North American headquarters of our Keune Education team.

View the Keune Education schedule HERE.

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XanderLyn at Keune Academy

Last week we reported that some of team XanderLyn, aka the Xamily, traveled to Keune Academy in Atlanta to experience Keune The Collection.  Gaby Miley, owner of XanderLyn Salon in Scottsdale, was accompanied by Josh Howard, Andrea Croskey, Tiffany Carter and Joey Hervey.

In Atlanta, our team of beauty artists mastered up and coming fall trends, met extremely talented and like minded artists plus had tons of fun! From watching Gaby, a Keune educator, present education from meeting the brains behind the brand, George Keune, the XanderLyn team had the most amazing time!

Here’s what they had to say:

“I wasn’t sure exactly what the trip was going to entail but left feeling mind blown! The Keune Academy was absolutely amazing, and so was the entire team of educators. I feel very blessed our salon owner ,Gaby Miley is one of them, and we can and WILL continue to learn more and more about the newest Keune collection which features hair design, colour, and products. I learned so much that I was able to walk away with and start using the newly obtained knowledge and skills behind the chair! Can’t wait to go back again!” – Andrea Croskey 

“The weekend was filled with tons of information and work, yet we got the full VIP treatment. Two words that describe it best would be fulfilling and inspiring!” – Josh Howard 

“Atlanta was amazing!  The entire Keune family was so inspiring and welcoming.  We even got to meet the master himself, George Keune!  We all came home with new tricks and tools to use  on our wonderful clients, old and new!” – Tiffany Carter 


Contact us at  480-765-0780 to make an appointment and see what we learned at Keune The Collection.

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Where We’re At:  Keune The Collection 

Education is a core element of XanderLyn’s foundation.  From traveling abroad to inviting esteemed industry leaders into our salon, we go above and beyond to ensure the Xamily, aka the XanderLyn family, has access to the most cutting edge information in the beauty world.

This weekend, several of the XanderLyn beauty artists will be at Keune The Collection in Atlanta, GA.

At this Keune Advanced Academy, looks from Fashion Week from the most trend-setting cities in the world will come to life, as Keune reveals its exclusive collection inspired by fashion. Of course, XanderLyn will be front row as the soon-to-be fall trends enfold. Practice makes perfect, so we will master the new looks and bring them back to share with our clients in Scottsdale!

To keep up with our travels, check us out on Facebook and Instagram!

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XanderLyn Insider: Vogue Italia Features Vanessa Johnson’s Work

We are so excited to tell you the news!  With the help of social media, great fashion and beauty are easily shared around the world. Recently, our very own Vanessa Johnson’s work has been featured in Vogue Italia! Below is a photo from Vogue Italia that features makeup and hair by Vanessa.  Originally created for So Scottsdale Magazine, Vogue used the photo too!

When she’s not at our Scottsdale salon,  Vanessa is working hard behind the scenes for magazine and television shoots. From So Scottsdale Magazine to 3TV News, Vanessa is spreading beauty throughout the Valley and beyond!  We know her artistic abilities are outstanding, and are thrilled that the world is taking notice.

If you want to feel supermodel-ready, come see Vanessa at XanderLyn Salon!

To book your appointment with Vanessa or any of our Scottsdale hairstylists and beauty artists, contact us at  480-765-0780.


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5 Spring Hairstyles Straight from the Runway!

At XanderLyn Hair Salon and Beauty Lounge in Scottsdale, we always stay on the forefront of trends, whether local, national, or international! Of course, we devoured every detail from New York Fashion Week spring 2018, from beauty trends to the most coveted fashion styles.

Below, we have five of our favorite hair looks, perfect for spring in Scottsdale!   As you will see, embracing individuality – in shape, color, texture – is making spring even more exciting!  We suggest making an appointment with one of our Scottsdale hair stylists today to create your refreshed look for the new season!

1.The Brushed Out Curls at Cynthia Rowley

2. The Hair Chalk Parts at Aigner

3.Slick Woods’ Buzzcut at Fenty

4.The Double Pony at Public School

5.The Untidy, Ethereal Waves at Marchesa

Which are your favorite spring hair looks?  We’d love to know!

To book your  appointment with any of our beauty artists, contact us at  480-765-0780.

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Lip Trends for Valentine’s Day

The team at XanderLyn Salon in Scottsdale is ready for Valentine’s Day!  We love helping our clients look and feel amazing on the inside and out!  And Valentine’s Day is the perfect reason for a little extravagant self-pampering.

In honor of Cupid’s day of love, we’re looking at Scottsdale trends in lips.  So pucker up, read on and get your pouts perfected!

Glass Lips – The beauty world’s obsession with all things dewy has shifted from skin to lips. You’ve likely seen images of juicy, heavily-glossed lips that tiptoe between a healthy pucker and maximum shine.

Kissable Lips – Many experts say that lipstick looks the best long after it’s been applied, when it’s soft around the edges and worn in just the right places. As much we as love a sharp, perfectly-lined lip, there’s something effortless and cool about the blurry, faded look. To get it, our Scottsdale beauty artists are ditching bold, bright hues in favor of lipsticks that enhance their client’s natural lip color.

Cupid’s Bow – Makeup artists have been applying touches of carefully-placed highlighter to Cupid’s bows to fake fuller, juicier lips for decades. Lately, though, they have taken the tried-and-true hack and turned it on its head, opting for in-your-face metallic and glitter finishes that don’t just highlight the area, but make it the focal point of a look.

Red Hot Lips – Red lipstick isn’t necessarily a trend, but the way people are wearing it certainly is. Rather than pairing the shade with cat-eyes or bold eye makeup, makeup artists are taking a less-is-more approach.  Bright crimson lipstick and barely-there makeup is here to stay!

To book your Valentine’s appointments, contact us at  480-765-0780.

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Say No to Scrooge: Donate Beauty Products to Women in Need 

At XanderLyn Salon in Scottsdale, we want to help spread holiday cheer.  We sleigh all day, everyday, helping clients look and feel gorgeous on the inside and out.  But we realize that there are some people in the Valley who have it rough during the holidays.  In fact, they may feel very “bah humbug” this season.

Throughout the year, we emphasize the importance of giving back to the community that we cherish being a part of. We contribute to charitable causes on a number of levels, including providing monetary donations and gifting our time and talent.  Ultimately, we believe that if you feel great on the inside, that radiates beauty on the outside.  And giving back to our community surely makes us feel great!  That’s why XanderLyn Salon will be a place of giving through the most wonderful time of the year!

In the spirit of St. Nick, the XanderLyn family, aka the “xamily,” is  now collecting beauty products for Fresh Start Woman’s Foundation!  Together, we can gift the art of beauty and spread a little holiday cheer to those who may be plagued by Scrooge this season. We ask that community members, beauty gurus and any local elves bring in beauty related items – from hair brushes to eyeshadow, flat irons or moisturizer!  Anything that will add a little sparkle to a normal day!  We are also collecting non-perishable food items, so we can make sure children in the Valley are fed and healthy this holiday season!

If you help us help spread cheer by bringing in two or more items to donate, we will gift you with 10% off your service.

Happiest of Holidays!

Until next time, have a beautiful day!

Team XanderLyn Pampers Fans in Hollywood Style Before New Movie, Wonder

Last week, seven fans of the novel-turned-movie Wonder were able to experience the movie’s opening today in Hollywood style thanks to the team at XanderLyn Salon in Scottsdale. The fans, who are also patients at the Barrow Cleft and Craniofacial Center, were treated to a pampering session complete with haircuts, styles, and makeup.

Ranging in age from 11 to 22, these young men and women were born with different abnormalities of the face including Treacher Collins syndrome, the condition affecting the movie’s main character, August “Auggie” Pullman.

  Every artist at XanderLyn Salon donated their time and talent to make this day extra special for their new clients.   “We loved the opportunity to work with Barrow and to have the chance to make today an exceptionally wonderful day for these incredible individuals. We are so lucky to inspire people to feel beautiful on the inside and out,” says Gaby Miley, owner and beauty artist at XanderLyn. “As Auggie says in the book, everyone deserves a standing ovation; and, I think everyone deserves a little pampering now and then too.”


The real stars of the day, each patient gave signed Wonder movie posters to their design artists as TV stations FOX, 3TV, ABC15, 12 News and Telemundo recorded the days events at XanderLyn Salon. Accompanied by family and friends, they went together to watch the new film following the makeovers at the salon.

“I’ve never done anything like this before, so it was really an amazing experience for me. I love the way they left my hair,” says Ashley Monjaras, 11, who had her hair styled and makeup done. Ashley was born with an extremely are condition called ablepharon-macrostomia syndrome. Just like Auggie, Ashely also started a news school for fifth grade this year. “I have read Wonder and love the story. I’m so excited I get to see the movie now, especially with my hair curled so pretty.”

Until next time, have a beautiful day!

Beauty Artist, Vanessa Johnson, Behind the Scenes in Scottsdale and Phoenix

We love the November issues of So Scottsdale and Uptown Phoenix – especially since our very own, Vanessa Johnson was the styling pro behind the featured photo shoot in both magazines!  At XanderLyn, Vanessa is known for her trend-setting abilities in makeup, hairstyles and hair extensions.  In addition to helping clients look and feel beautiful here at XanderLyn, Vanessa is also working hard behind the scenes for magazine and television shoots. Last week she also appeared on 3TV with the XanderLyn team to show viewers great hair and makeup looks!

We can’t wait to see what she does next!

Until next time, have a beautiful day!

New Mani & Pedi Special at XanderLyn! 

The team at XanderLyn Hair Salon and Beauty Lounge is thrilled to announce that Kari Prom has officially joined our family, AKA the “xamily!”  As a resident beauty guru, Kari specializes in microblading,permanent makeup and a variety of manicures and pedicures!

Dominating the Scottsdale beauty industry for over twenty years, Kari’s nail expertise includes;

  • pink and white
  • shellac
  • gel
  • acrylic
  • glitter
  • chrome

As an introductory special, Kari is offering a $65 Spa Pedicure with a Free Regular Manicure**

Kari is excited to work with the XanderLyn team to create and maintain a culture that upholds the science of beauty, adhere to creativity and innovation, and support collaboration, all while ensuring each client feels at home and part of the Xanderlyn Family.  She also believes that beauty comes from within, so she loves to use her education and artistic talent to help women and men feel amazing in their own skin.

To book your appointment directly with Kari, call or text (602) 418-9806.

Until next time, have a beautiful day!


*** Regular manicure only.  Extras like gel and acrylic will be an additional charge.