XanderLyn Spotlight: Alex Green

The team at XanderLyn is thrilled to watch up and coming star, Alex Green!  After assisting tops stylists at the Scottsdale salon, Alex is ready to conquer the beauty industry as one of the best Scottsdale hair stylists.  Whether you are looking for hair cuts, hair color or trend-worthy hair styles, Alex is your girl.  This week, we asked Alex for some of her favorite looks.  Of course, they’re both Instagram – worthy!

1.Beach waves are still on point, and Alex has mastered the look on hair of various lengths and colors!

2. The braid parade is surely not leaving town anytime soon!  Alex and her Scottsdale hair clients love the celebrity inspired do’s.

More About Alex Green 

A New Jersey native, Alex trekked to Arizona to attend Arizona State University. However, it was no surprise that she ended up at Penrose Academy for beauty school. As a young girl, she was always styling her moms hair and loved going to her aunt’s hair salon, where she would observe the trends and dream about mastering her own abilities. Alex says, “I love being able to change someones entire day or week by making their hair look good!” She especially loves blondes, and her savviness with hair color is rapidly gaining respect. Alex was especially drawn to XanderLyn Salon after graduation from beauty school because of the salon’s incredible atmosphere.  When not creating stylish looks, she loves spending time in Old Town with her pup, Rufus.

To book your appointment with Alex or any of they XanderLyn team, contact us at  480-765-0780.


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2018 Hair Trends from XanderLyn Insider, Joey Hervey

XanderLyn Hair Salon in Scottsdale is a comfortable, artistic haven where everyone knows your name and chit chat and laughter are always in the air.  To maintain the highest industry standards, we only employ beauty image artists that have advanced education and unique experiences,  and a commitment to furthering their training.

As we start 2018, we are excited to look ahead to what the new year in beauty may bring our way! We asked Joey Hervey, Beauty Artist at XanderLyn, for his trend forecast.  Of course, these 4 Instagram worthy looks must be shared!

1.Coral  – Surely the hottest up and coming color for the New Year.  From summer to fall, the mesmerizing combination hue of bright pink and vibrant orange are comparable to a colorful sunset.

2. Rose Gold  – This trending metallic shade has just enough pink to soften a blond with red lowlights! Think pink champagne for your hair.

3.Shaved-In Parts – Men are looking fashion-forward in 2018.  And while manscaping took a little time to refine itself into a true art, shaved-in parts are so on trend.

4.Vivid Mermaid Hair – Rainbow Hair is the color statement that has taken the world by storm!  Gone are the days of playing it safe with hair color, the bolder and brighter the better. It’s all about vivid hair color, from cotton candy pink to sea foam green and sky blue!

More About Joey 

Joey Hervey was born in Phoenix, AZ., but his electrifying career would allow him to live in many places, including Beverly Hills, Washington D.C. and Spain. When Joey was young, he loved accompanying his mom to the beauty salon. He adored it all – from the smell of the hair products to the vibe of being inside a salon. He specifically recalls a stylist wearing bell bottoms, a silk shirt open to his navel and a slew of gold chains around his neck. Even as a child, he knew he wanted to be just like him when he grew up! As soon as he was old enough, Joey attended American Trichology Institute, “A Redken Academy.” Through school he worked as an assistant at a prestigious salon, where he soon converted to behind the chair. His ambition and finesse would soon take him all over as he excelled even more in his craft. Now at XanderLyn Salon, Joey loves the creative energy and working with like-minded and artistic people. He is also thrilled that the salon is a training facility, since furthering his education and maintaining his stance at the forefront is so crucial. “I’m always going to push the envelope on style and be a trendsetter. I’m also a good ear for my clients!” says Joey.

Joey was named “Top Stylist in Phoenix,” by Arizona Foothills Magazine. He was also recognized as a Top Stylist in Washington D.C., has appeared in Elle Magazine and Interview Magazine. Joey currently lives in Central Phoenix and treasures his two horses, Rebel Yell and Lovie.

To make an appointment with Joey or any of the XanderLyn team, call us at 480-765-0780.

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6 Insider Tips for More Fabulous Hair

At XanderLyn Salon in Scottsdale, our beauty artists are helping clients achieve there newly set 2018 resolutions!  After all, we love helping Valley residents look and feel great on the inside and out.

If your New Year’s resolutions include better hair care (and whose doesn’t?) we have six tips from our XanderLyn – insiders.

1. Hair shouldn’t be styled until dry.  When using tools like a round brush, you must completely dry your hair before attempting the proper round brush technique.  Think of using a flat iron or curing iron on wet hair — it doesn’t work.  It’s actually the same idea with a round brush.

– Josh Howard, Beauty Artist

2. Reduce heat on your hair.  Try to skip heat products, like blow dryers and flat irons, at least twice a week. If you must use heat, be sure to use a product that has heat protection, such as Keune’s Care Line Phase 2 Spray.

– Elizabeth Grams, Beauty Artist

3. Cleanse your scalp. Your scalp is an attachment of the skin on your face.  Everyone knows to wash and nourish facial skin, but some don’t realize your scalp deserves the same attention. A great alternative to daily shampoo is  a dry shampoo, such as Keune Refreshing Spray.  It soaks up excessive oils, which helps avoid any clogging of your scalp pores.  If you skip 1, 2 or 3 days of shampooing, be sure to also use a good scalp exfoliating shampoo to slough off buildup on the scalp and hair.  Keune So Pure Exfoliating is an amazing option for cleansing your scalp and hair.

– Gaby Miley, Beauty Artist & Owner of XanderLyn Hair Salon & Beauty Lounge

4. All blow outs are not created equal. The bigger the round brush, the straighter the hair will get when smoothing. When attempting a blow out at-home, be sure to blow out each section of the hair smoothly because any layer that falls on top of the underneath layer will conform to the rest of the hair.

-Andrea Croskey, Beauty Artist

5. Hair and makeup products make a world of difference.  Invest in quality products and you will see a noticeable difference.

– Vanessa Johnson, Beauty Artist

6. Use a weekly conditioning mask.  Add a weekly conditioning mask to your at home regimen to hydrate hair and keep your locks looking and feeling healthy.  Two favorites are Keune Vital Nutrition Mask and Keune Care Keratin Smoothing Mask.

– Alex Green, Beauty Artist

No matter what your beauty gold may be, we can help you achieve your dreams.  Contact XanderLyn today at 480-765-0780 to schedule an appointment!

Until next time, have a beautiful day!