Emmy Style 2017

At XanderLyn, keeping up on what’s taking place in Hollywood is a must! We know our clients look to Hollywood for wearable, everyday inspiration. Part of keeping up with what’s happening in Hollywood is watching events like the Emmys! Which is not a bad thing to do on a Sunday night, as it intertwines entertainment and education! Yes, there is no denying we love this as part of our job!

The “xamily,” aka the XanderLyn  family, often looks to Vanessa Johnson, one of XanderLyn’s top go-to artists when it comes to on point Hollywood styles! With years of extensive styling and make up expertise behind the chair, not to mention countless education hours, Vanessa has style and make up wants and needs covered.  After all, you don’t need to be in Hollywood to get beautified, it happens right here at XanderLyn Salon!

A very noticeable – and awesome – trend of the 2017 Emmy hair styles is that it is all extremely “salonable”! With our know-how, our hair clients can achieve these looks, along with the right hair tools and products.   On the red-carpet, celebrity hair was understated, making it  a true “accessory” to their wearable fashion; from fur and rhinestones to matted satins and plastics, shiny, sheer, embroidery! The color palettes truly had no boundaries at this awards show – from pastels to bold yellows along with two-one shapes and hues, all mixed up textures…. beautiful, bold, brilliant and very feminine.

Wearing such eye-catching fashion at the Emmy’s, hair was smartly made into a simple accessory to top it off! When looking at hairstyles, it’s also important to look at make-up.  The simplicity of make-up was also very noticeable; sheer and young, traditional applications, bold eye paired with nude lip, simple eye with bolder lip.  There was also understated contouring taking place to enhance the eyes and lips! So undercover yet so beautiful!

At XanderLyn, we share a love of adversity and have multi-cultural clientele. Take a look at some of our favorite women’s looks: 

  • Issa Rae – Rae’s braided crown is so on trend. The Insecure star and newest CoverGirl wore a long, vibrant red dress and paired her updo with kohl rimmed-eyes and a nude lip. 
  • Reese Witherspoon – Witherspoon’s hair and makeup combo is yet another example that simple doesn’t automatically equal boring. Reese’s unexpected Stella McCartney blazer dress was paired with sleek, straight hair with minimal makeup save for a swipe of cherry red lipstick. 
  • Zoe  Kravitz -With her colorful feathery Dior ensemble and Tiffany bling, her look definitely called for simplicity.  Her barely there makeup and pixie cut were perfect accessories for her styles.
  • Shailene Woodley – Wearing a deep, moss green velvet Ralph Lauren collection, she kept minimal hair and make-up, subtly concentrating on magnifying her green sparkly eyes. 
  • Priyanka Chopra – She was wearing a skin tight white Balmain gown, adorned with crystals and a full, feather skirt train. The Pantene spokesperson wore her hair in a sleek ponytail while wearing a deep berry lip and a bold, red eye.

Lets not forget our men.  Classic and more clean cut:

  • Justin Hartley In a navy tux and Montblanc watch, he keeps his hair traditional with a clean-cut shave. 
  • Sterling K Brown – Again, we’re seeing a traditional black tuxedo with barely there facial hair and a clean, traditional hairdo. 
  • Alec Baldwin – In a formal black tuxedo and gray hair parted on the side, Baldwin perfected the look for his Emmy acceptance speech. 

If you’re obsessing over these Emmy looks as much as we are, visit us today to achieve your own Emmy-worthy style!

Until next time, have a beautiful day!

Individuality Rules at XanderLyn Salon Scottsdale 

At XanderLyn Salon, we are all about celebrating individuality!  Straight, wavy or curly: whatever hair type you desire, it’s all about embracing your style and loving what makes your look special.


Social platforms like Instagram are displaying the potential for new trends as well as influential celebrity beauty choices, from the likes of P!nk to the Kardashians and Hadids. From hair color to body piercings and fashion styles, Scottsdale women and men alike are demanding a more unique look. Whether you’re  looking to embrace your natural beauty, subtly reinvent yourself or make a dramatic change, the team at XanderLyn Salon will help you achieve your beauty goals. 


Often called the best Scottsdale salon, XanderLyn is not your average cookie-cutter salon.  The team, or family, at XanderLyn, also called the “Xamily,” collaborates together to ensure your beauty goals are met. We work diligently to uphold the science of beauty and adhere to creativity and innovation.  When you schedule your initial consultation at our Scottsdale salon, be ready to discus your hair, lifestyle and fashion preferences.   We will ensure your style and color is a great match for you!

When planning your future style, it’s important to consider:

  • Maintenance- What is your maintenance schedule? Are your constantly on-the-go with dry-shampoo in-hand or do you have a flexible schedule and love daily blowouts?  The amount of time you have for everyday maintenance definitely has a part in determining your style.
  • Lifestyle – What really works for you? Things like your personality, versatility, lifestyle and career are taken into consideration while we create your hairdo.
  • Reality – Is the desired look really achievable? We are honest and realize that sometimes, unfortunately,  those hair goals cannot be met.  And we will tell you that. But, mostly, we will bust our butts to make sure your wildest hair dreams come true.
  • Budget – Whether you have champagne dreams on a beer budget, or money is no object, the hairstylists at XanderLyn Salon will make sure you have options that work for you.  From haircuts, hairstyles, hair color and extensions, your individual beauty goals can be met.

Our Scottsdale beauty experts say that current trends are all about the  individual ”mash ups.” The late 80’s and early 90’s with a sprinkle of 60’s and a 70’s flair will be inspiration for fall 2017. With this being said, it is easy to say that no two heads of hair will be the same! Hair isn’t simply red, brown, blonde or black anymore.  Modern day fashionistas want pink, gray and purple! Beyond straight and curly hair, there are now options like wavy and frizzy.  Even look at choices in beauty products; shampoo enhanced colors, serums that produce beach-inspired waves and gels that promise the straightest strands you’ll ever have.

No matter what your beauty dreams may be, the hairstyling team at XanderLyn will help you embrace your individuality! Call us now to schedule your consultation.

Until next time, have a beautiful day!

5 Hair Trends for Fall 2017

‘Tis the season for open-toe booties and pumpkin spice latte’s!   Yes, the team at XanderLyn Salon is very eagerly welcoming in fall with open arms.  In honor of this back-to-school season, we are looking at some of the hottest hair trends for the fall of 2017.


  1. Lash grazing bangs –  Forehead fringe has been very popular this year for both Scottsdale clients and national trendsetters.  It is a great option for those seeking a new look without having to change length or color. Our Scottsdale hair stylists are expecting bangs in a variety of shapes and lengths, with an emphasis on the shaggy bang, which will basically be resting on your lashes. 
  2. A pop of color – We love going bold!!  With a team of some of the best hair colorists in Scottsdale, we are especially loving the vibrant pops of color that are trending for fall 2017.  From Halle Berry rocking purple strands to Sophie Turner showing off some pink streaks, this fall style will surely make the Scottsdale paparazzi do a double-take! If you’re hesitant about taking this colorful plunge, there are temporary options as well, including shampoo-enhanced colors and clip-on extensions. 
  3. The 90’s are back – Many fall trends are straight off the runway, circa 1990.
    • Face-framing tendrils – This decade-long staple adds depth to ponytails and buns.
    • 90s blow-out – Being spotted on red carpets everywhere!!  Simply utilizing a round brush to go to town on your ends, brushing away from your face to achieve those swooshing strands near the nape of the neck.
    • “Rachel 2.0” – An updated style for Jennifer Anniston, with layers that start at the chin and still have the same face-framing effect, but the hair highlights are now much more natural. 
  4. Bob cuts – This is the perfect time to be brave and embrace a shorter do! Bobbed haircuts are officially here to stay and the chin-skimming styles can work on nearly anyone, regardless of hair type. Our celebrity inspiration includes lobs, bobs, pixie, razor and blunt chops.
  5. A twist on summer blonde – At XanderLyn Salon, we know that blondes always have fun, but our Scottsdale hair salon is predicting a mix of colorful dimensions to the summery hue. Adding warmth to your summer color will ensure you look on point throughout the cooler fall months.
    • Rooty blonde – The purposefully grown-out look is all the glamour of a shiny blonde minus the high maintenance.
    • Butterscotch blonde – The buttery brown-blonde mashup is an amped up version of dark blonde.
    • Honey blonde – A warm (almost rosy) blonde is the most flattering shade for medium skin tones.

If you’re ready to update your fall look, come visit the team at XanderLyn Salon.  Our beauty artists will help you achieve your best look yet!

Until next time, have a beautiful day!