Welcome to the XanderLyn Blog

The team at XanderLyn Salon is thrilled to launch a company blog.  Here you will get a glimpse of what the “xamily,” aka the XanderLyn family, is all about.  From science to trends, team members to future endeavors, we plan on discussing everything important to us (and you) right here.

XanderLyn Salon Scottsdale hair stylist team

Since launching in 2015, we’ve often been called the best Scottsdale salon.  Although that is a huge compliment, we’re hoping to build our brand and also be recognized as the smartest Scottsdale hair salon.  After all, part of our mission statement is to create and maintain a culture that upholds the science of beauty,  adhere to creativity and innovation, and support collaboration.  Some may be surprised to hear that beauty is a science. In our modern world today, science is the foundation for nearly everything, especially the beauty industry.  Increased scientific knowledge is what continues to increase technology; at the same time, as the base of scientific knowledge increases, technology advances. At XanderLyn, we constantly investigate how scientific research helps to develop the most effective hair care.


Kuene hair care products

XanderLyn is also committed to employing an elite team of beauty image artists that are industry leaders as well as genuine advocates of living life to the fullest.  So, not only are our Scottsdale hair stylists the best in the industry, they are also continually advancing their abilities with advanced education. We know that new trends are at the forefront everyday, and we expect that different styles will be evolving tomorrow, so we are fully prepared to master the future of beauty.

Many new clients ask how XanderLyn Salon came to be. Our founder, Gaby Miley, is the brains and beauty behind our Scottsdale salon. She originally set out to open a small studio for her own clientele.  She wanted the ability to break through traditional salon barriers, like being closed on Sundays and Mondays, and have a science-based salon with an emphasis on the best hair products. Once fellow stylists realized what Gaby was doing, they wanted to be part of it. Respected peers immediately realized Gaby was starting something exceptional.  By maintaining her ideology and following her passions, coupled with her extremely extensive expertise, it was believed that Gaby would quickly conquer the Scottsdale beauty industry.  At first, the idea turned reality was a five-chair hair salon in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale.  By creating a chic yet welcoming environment and employing an exclusive team of beauty influencers, the demand for XanderLyn quickly increased. To meet the requests of consumers, the salon moved (a few doors down) to a larger location, now offering 14 hair stations and a beauty treatment room.

The future of XanderLyn has no bounds.  The team is continuously expanding and evolving in many ways.  In addition, the original XanderLyn is currently under construction and will soon be a new endeavor of the XanderLyn “xamily.”  We can’t wait to share the details with you soon.


Until next time, make it a beautiful day!